Coast Guard Ice Breaker gets stuck off Winthrop

BOSTON —A Coast Guard ice breaker was freed in Winthrop after being stuck in the water for most of the day Monday.

The Pendant may have run over a mooring ball that was under the ice, trapping its crew members on board.

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“While on their way breaking ice, they pulled up some chain — about an 8-foot section of 4-inch shackle chain — into their propeller and shaft,” said Trooper Patrick Foley, of the State Police dive team.

Divers from the Massachusetts State Police dive team helped free the ice breaker and rescue the three-person crew.

“(He) had to wear an ice harness, be tethered all the time so he didn’t get lost under the ice because once you are under the ice, it’s the only way out,” Foley said.

The crew of the Pendant was OK, just cold.

“They were definitely cold. They had to shut down because they knew we were going under the hull, so they had shut all their components down. The heat had to be turned off,” Foley said.

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